Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gossip in the Center

With 82 students living under one roof you think there would be more drama and gossip.  But. There isn't.  It is kind of like everyone know everything about each other, and if we think something is happening, we say it and then find out if it is true or not.  But with 4 days left, we have a new piece of information, that can't get sorted out...
Last night Brother Manscill went into the library late at night to get a book.  He turned on the lights and found a couple in there.  Easy enough, right?  Except he won't tell us who it is.  He said they were a surprise couple to see, and he had never really even seen them together.  People tried to guess, and he kept saying no.  Then he gave one more hint... He is like the Romeo of the center...  It still doesn't help.  But, there is officially gossip going around the center.  I guess.  Mags came and told us, prefacing it with the fact that this is gossip.

And, tonight was the first night that I hugged a professor after receiving a grade.  I survived Old Testament.

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Jessica Bodily said...

JANE! I know the feeling, do not worry. Love how the center works. But don't worry, once you come home from Jeru everything becomes revealed. It is crazy.

Can't wait to see you!