Saturday, December 12, 2009

5 days

Where does time go?  I feel like it was yesterday that I walked through the front gates at the Jerusalem Center.  All the service couples lined the front walk to shake our hands and hug us in welcome.  I knew maybe 5 people's names, and for everyone else, I looked at the name tag we were required to wear.  And the days moved slow.  Where did the time go?  Tonight I was talking to my dad about being here, and how blessed I feel, and quickly he replied, 'So then you're glad you went.'  We laughed.
The joy I have felt while being in Jerusalem has been so strong.  I feel like I have devoted the past semester to improving myself through Christ.  And now, as I go home during the Holidays, all I want to do is tell everyone about this joy.  I love Jerusalem.  And I want to always remember to pray for the peace here.  It no longer is a conflict between Israeli's and Palestinians, but now between people I love.  Whatever happens here will effect people I have met, played soccer with, talked about their beliefs, laughed with, and developed a deep love for.  Oh Jerusalem, if I forget thee...

This week we've had finals and I spoke in church.  Now things have calmed down in the center, and they have picked up in Provo, so we have time some time on our hands. 

Here's to our last 5 days!

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